In a world of complexities, contradictions and mysteries, TEDxLNMIIT presents you "Bending The Basics" The basics are the foundation upon which we build our understanding of the world. They are the things that we take for granted, the things that we assume to be true. But what if we could bend the basics? What if we could challenge the way we think about the world and come up with new and innovative solutions to the problems we face.

So, let’s spark the discussions and connect with fellow ingenious speakers as we uncover the power of "Bending The Basics" to inspire changes, trigger minds and create a world where



Dr. Tanu Jain is the Assistant Director of DRDO and an Ex IAS Officer of India. She has also been recognised as a well distinguished TEDx speaker. Renowned for her significant contributions in civil services and dentistry, Dr. Jain's influence extends through compelling authorship and captivating speeches. Beyond conventional roles, her journey showcases an unparalleled blend of expertise, challenging boundaries. Driven by a commitment to UPSC and education, she embodies innovation that defies norms, offering a transformative perspective. Dr. Jain's multifaceted impact resonates in various domains.


In the kaleidoscope of human thought, where the colors of the mind blend and shape the tapestry of existence, Riya Upreti, founder of FOBET, emerges as a beacon of enlightenment in our ever-changing landscape. She serves as a mentor, guiding students in their academic and professional journeys. Like a maestro orchestrating the symphony of emotions and intellect, she crafts a harmonious melody that resonates with the cadence of our collective consciousness. Her dedication to the success of their students has a lasting impact on their careers and personal lives. In this fast-paced, ever-changing landscape, she has been a stalwart guardian of mental well-being, cultivating a sanctuary where minds flourish and souls find solace. Her legacy is a testament to the transformative power of knowledge, a boon bestowed upon humanity, navigating the turbulent seas of modernity with the compass of compassion and the sails of wisdom.


Krishnan Sunderarajan, the visionary behind India's groundbreaking Metaverse, LOKA, showcased on Shark Tank, weaves an entrepreneurial tapestry marked by defiance and innovation. In the gaming cosmos, he's a virtuoso, blending passion and precision. Each step with Sunderarajan becomes a journey into daring ideas and challenging conventions, compelling spectators to reimagine the entrepreneurial landscape. His tale is a serenade to the spirit of exploration, urging attendees to embrace the rhythm of change and transform challenges into opportunities. In the echo of his entrepreneurial journey, Sunderarajan beckons all to witness the transformative power of vision and perseverance, offering a unique opportunity to glean insights that resonate far beyond the confines of traditional entrepreneurship.


Palakh Khanna, a visionary in her own right, is the distinguished founder of 'break.the.iceorg' earning recognition as one of Asia’s 100 Women Power Leaders. Her journey unfolds as a remarkable testament to extraordinary achievements and the cultivation of unique insights that set her apart. As a trailblazer within her field, Palakh's innovative approach not only promises to inspire and enlighten those who engage with her, but it also positions her as an esteemed speaker, welcomed for her fresh and appreciated perspective. The lens through which she navigates the world of ideas is indeed unique, inviting audiences to anticipate a transformative experience as Palakh Khanna generously shares her wisdom and insights.


Chinmay Gaur, a maestro in the realm of music, has captured the hearts of the masses with his enchanting musical skills and blissful personality. With an adorable, blissful personality, Chinmay has not only won the hearts of the masses but has also become a captivating storyteller through the enchanting notes of the flute. His skilful hands transform the ethereal melodies into a mesmerizing journey for the soul, narrating tales of joy, sorrow, and everything in between. At our upcoming TEDx event, Chinmay's presence promises to enrich the experience, offering our audience valuable insights into the transcendent power of music and its profound ability to create meaningful connections. Join us as we delve into the magical world of Chinmay Gaur and explore the profound impact of his musical storytelling at TEDxLNMIIT.


From the hallowed halls of St. Xavier's College emerged Deepak Pareek, a 19-year-old Dreamweaver, birthing 'Career Keeda,' a sanctuary for youthful spirits. At 22, he forsook convention to dance with the muses as a vlogger on YouTube, enchanting viewers with visual symphonies garnering 450k+ views. As Vice-President of the Lions Club of Kolkata, he orchestrates social sonnets organizing altruistic activities. At 24, he founded 'Iceberg Creations,' delving into Media Production and Filmmaking. Under his visionary leadership, 'Akorik,' the inaugural cinematic endeavour, features talents like Rituparna Sengupta and Victor Banerjee, crafting films that seamlessly blend gripping narratives with poignant social messages.


Tejas Patil, a skilled expert in the technological landscape, adeptly navigates the digital realm with a mix of insight and practicality. As a content creator and social media strategist, his proficiency goes beyond the ordinary. Patil's hands-on experience dismantling PCs and mastering smartphones reveals a genuine understanding of technology. His authentic reviews hold credibility, and his influence shapes practical strategies within the digital world. Recognized for his contributions, Patil received a Best Tech Influencer of the Year 2023 nomination from Exhibit Magazine.


Gunjan Saini is a creative force, excelling as a writer, poet, and actor. Currently serving as a Casting Associate at Filtercopy and a dedicated freelancer, Gunjan brings a unique storytelling approach that resonates with authenticity and innovation. Her dedication to artistic expression, evident through her mastery of Kathak dance and engaging poetry shows, and her inspiring journey of redefining conventional roles makes her a true trailblazer in the creative realm. Join us in celebrating Gunjan's diverse talents and passion for storytelling at TEDxLNMIIT. Prepare for a captivating talk that promises to spark meaningful conversations and leave a lasting impact on our audience.


Sakshi Mandhyan, an accomplished professional, is an established Psychologist, Happiness Coach, and Wellness Expert with 15+ years of Fortune 500 experience. As the Founder of Mandhyan Care, she champions positive mental health, crafting Mental Well-being Blueprints for organizational vitality. Sakshi, a certified NLP and REBT practitioner, also recently earned a place among the '51 MOST FABULOUS GLOBAL HAPPINESS LEADERS' by the World HRD Congress. With a rich clinical background at Max Healthcare and Fortis Health group, she has been a driving force in promoting well-being, spearheading a Happiness project with American Express for over three years. Her emphasis on Positive Mental Health and Emotional resilience continues to make a lasting impact in the realms of mental health and happiness.

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